Highlighting Creativity

It’s not about inventing a ton of new things. That’s also important, but at this point what we need is to give current problems solutions that already exist.

Sustainability in mind

No matter your take on sustainability, local fresh food, stronger and more resilient markets, more time outdoors and in community… are elements that we can use in our society.

Connecting modernity and tradition

Technology and nature are not incompatible. It’s about finding ways to reconcile and connect them.

Our story begins in Mallorca, Spain

Since very young I have always been fascinated by nature. It’s not unusual to find me trekking, in my vegetable garden, or in the sea. My name is Ohad Frans Loffler, and I have spent uncountable time thinking about how humans and nature can live simultaneously. In 2016 I graduated from a multi-disciplinary bachelors in International Studies with focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. This new approach on how to tackle problems from a human-focused viewpoint helped me understand the complexity of the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. When Covid-19 hit, time alone and the privilege of owning land and producing food on premises helped me have my eureka moment.

Our vision is to conciliate humans, nature and technology

One often thinks of nature as opposite to humans and technology. In Simbiotec we believe that if reality allows it, nature as well. The possibilities are infinite, and we strive to find one in which we provide a base for humans to thrive sustainably, while humanity and technology evolve without harming the environment.

Join the team for equity now

Currently it’s not only encouraged to be sustainable, it’s become trendy too. The sheer need for sustainable and healthy food, products and services has hit society’s conscious deeply. Become part of the solution!

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