Is Simbiotec already available?

The web app version will be available very soon.


How can I support Simbiotec?

You can support Simbiotec by becoming a pioneer and joining our land sharing program, helping to spread the word about our initiative to your friends and family, or by making a donation to support our efforts.


What is the Simbiotec pilot program and how can I participate?

The Simbiotec pilot program is an opportunity for early adopters to try out the technology and provide feedback to the team. To participate, you can reach out to us through our website or social media channels.


Can Simbiotec solve the food problem?

Simbiotec is one of the solutions to the food problem. Our goal is to provide sustainable, fresh, and locally grown produce to our pioneers and the community while reducing environmental impact. We believe that small changes can have a big impact, and we’re committed to making a positive difference.


Can Simbiotec be used in both urban and rural areas?

Yes, Simbiotec technology is versatile and can be used in both urban and rural areas.


How will Simbiotec create revenue?

Simbiotec will generate revenue through various channels, including a membership fee for our land sharing program, sales of produce to the community, and potential partnerships with businesses interested in supporting sustainable practices. Additionally, we may explore grant opportunities and crowdfunding campaigns to support our growth and development.


How does Simbiotec contribute to local food systems and community development?

Simbiotec technology can help increase local food production, reduce food transportation emissions, and provide economic opportunities for farmers and landowners. We also prioritize community engagement and involvement in our projects.